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Props shouldn't be overlooked no matter how small, as they play a vital role in supporting the main subject, helps build the story & in the case of product photography, allows for people to imagine how they could use that product in their life. 

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 Staging is like painting! First, develop the vision you want to create. Second, choosing the right props that support the vision & the main subject & Finally, keep it simple & as realistic as possible so as to not take away from the vision/subject your photographing! 

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The final step, Lighting! Lighting brings the subject you're photographing & the entire composition to life, so taking the time to choose the correct lighting for the style, feel & overall look your going for is key!



Everything has a story to tell & I use my camera to capture & share those stories.  

Having the ability to envision something is one thing but to actually be able to create, capture & share those stories with others is entirely different & this is where I step in to help you.

I will work with you to bring your stories to life, whether that be a product, your brand or your industry using these three steps:

  1. Props

  2. Staging

  3. Lighting

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